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Tracy Gogetter Brooks

Greetings Gogetter! My name is Tracy G. Brooks, I am an Honorary Commander in the Texas Navy, Radio Show Host (Talk2TracyBrooks currently on Tuesday night's on on the Blue Stream at 6pm cst) Author, Philanthropist, Community Activist, Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor, Mother and more.

I work at multiple capacities as an instructional transformation coach who help others reach their full potential by 1st, acknowledging,  2nd accepting, and lastly eliminating their pain (childhood, abuse, loss, job, depression, etc.) cultivating them towards their life’s purpose. 

As a founder of an Organization, I have serviced over 100K youth to date, hundreds of men and women for I am a leading authority in Community, Work, and Business Solutions.

Over the past 11 years I have been able to help hundreds of entrepreneurs fertilize their yard and get some green grass to grow.  Meaning, I was able to help them reach the next level, be it work, business, relationships, or life in general by providing my very OWN almanac (the blueprint) to greener grass (inner success). And I am here, to do the same for you!

So, if you are ready to take that dingy yard to a full blown landscape from the Gods?  All you have to do is take that first step towards your greatness, I dare you!  If you believe that your grass can be a bit greener, then why not utilize the benefit of fertilizer to help it grow?  Well, I am just that, the fertilizer in your yard.  Let me help you get to your green grass!


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    GB2K's R. J. Foundation created an Affiliate Program for those 13 years and older who would like to make money right from your cellphone/device

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  • 100 Leaders for The Pain2Purpose Mentoring Program

    We looking for 100 Leaders in the Community and Globally, to be apart of the CHANGE you would like to see. 

    Register for Mentoring Program Pain2Purpose.  Only requires 4 hours per month, for 1 year!


  • Transitional Housing

    R. J. Foundation's Transitional Housing for the abused, bullied, and homeless veterans.

    Women's home for survivors of domestic violence, and aged out girls in the CPS system.


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Your Pain Matters Campaign and Transitional House Tracker

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Rafael Johnson was a member of GB2K starting in 2007 when he was sent to Texas to live with his aunt Tracy (founder)  Upon his stay, a secret was found out about why Rafael was so angry and always getting into trouble.  His stepfather from age of 9-11 molested him at night.

This came out during a conversation with Tracy and Rafael.  He got help he needed and stayed in Texas until he turned 19.  At the age of 21 he got in to an argument with a family member and was called a bad name.  Shortly after, he took his own life. 

That took a blow on Tracy Brooks the founder, and she and twin sister decided to created a foundation that will honor his name, hence The R. J. Foundation was birthed.

We have commenced the "Your Pain Matters" Campaign that deals with suicide, mental illness, depression, addiction. 

Starting "Your Pain Matters" Campaign has evolved into a Transitional House for the bullied, abused and homeless Veterans.  And a transitional house for women surviving domestic violence, and girls aged out of the CPS System.

Find out how you can learn how to be apart of our 100 Leaders Pain2Purpose Mentoring Program for students 6th grade through 12th grade, by volunteering 4 hours per month for one year!  Subscribe now!

About gb2k

GB2K was founded in 2004 when we did research and found out that eight year old girls having abortions, and 10 year old boys were going to jail for a petty crime, or a crime they did not commit (ie. "When They See Us" film 2019). 

Although GB2K started out as an after-school school mentoring program and have serviced over 90K youth and families to date to date, GB2K has evolved to Community Outreach, Work Solutions, Business Solutions,

GB2K has expanded their areas of support.   The R. J. Foundation's Transitional Home for the Veterans who have been abused, bullied, and are homeless.  And another home for women surviving domestic violence, and aged out girls in the CPS System.  We are also commencing our Pain2Purpose Leadership Program, and our "Your Pain Matters", "Love Yourself First" and "No Coin Left Behind" Campaign in Fall of 2019, we are looking for leaders locally and globally to be apart of our mentoring program.

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