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About The R. J. Foundation


The R. J. Foundation was created in the loving memory of one of it's very own GB2K Kid since 2007 Rafael Johnson, who also happens to be the dearly departed nephew of Founder Tracy G. Brooks.

Rafael was at the tender age of 21 when he took his own life, due to the pain he carried so deep, that he never really got over the fact that his stepfather used to molest him in the middle of the night for 2 to 3 year, before he was sent away to his aunt Tracy's house to live due to the fact he was constantly getting into trouble at home.

One day while doing research for the non-profit, Spirit led Tracy to search the Oprah Winfrey web site and view her archive shows.  Being obedient, Tracy went to the site and began viewing previous shows.  There was on show in particular that stood out to the Founder. Dating back to 2005 the title was Secrets Revealed, that spoke about NFL's Lavernues Coles who at the time had a $30 million contract with the Jets was holding in a secret that would shock the entire team not to mention his beautiful wife.  He shared that at the age of 10 his stepfather molested him while his mother Sirretta worked nights.  

Upon discovering this article, Tracy was hunched to call in the two boys playing in the other room (Rafael(nephew age 11) and her son, Scotty age 4) to ask them if anyone has ever played with them and it didn't feel right, or if someone touched them, then threaten to hurt, or kill them.  Rafael looked Tracy in the eye and asked if Scotty could leave the room.  He then shared with her that it had happened to him, and it was done by his stepfather when he would come in late at night after work while he slept on the couch.

After consoling Rafael, Tracy then contacted the grandmother, and mother and got Rafael some help.  The man was never charged, he fled to Mexico.

Rafael stayed in Texas with his aunts and grandmother until he was 19 years old.  He then returned back to Arizona when his mother lived.  One morning while in an heated augment with his mother she said some harsh words to Rafael, that were obviously pretty harsh.  Because, right after the argument he went to his friends apartment and shot himself. 

His pain mattered and that is how the R. J. Foundation was born.  We visit schools, have a three phase mentorship program that we offer, facilitate Your Pain Matters conferences, workshops, and summits that allow all to come and express their pain.

If you would like to support the R. J. Foundation you can do so my in-kind donations or select the amount you would like to share on our