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Tracy Gogetter Brooks

Tracy Gogetter Brooks is an enterprise who works at different capacities as a instructional transformation coach who help others reach their full God given potential by; acknowledging, accepting, and eliminating their pain catipulting them to their purpose. 

Tracy started out in the entertainment industry back in the early 90s when she was the personal assistant and office manager for E-40 at Sick WID It/Jive Records.  She moved to Dallas Texas in 1996 and after dipping her foot in marketing and promotions she worked her way up to the mic, and embarked upon her own music career; formed a group with her twin sister Stacy named “Replika”.
The group has recorded with groups such as The S.O.S. Band, Fred Alexander II with, The Original Lakeside and other talented artist and producers in the DFW area.


Tracy also has had her taste of acting in previous music videos, an independent film, and Texas Walker Ranger.  She and her sister formed a jingle company in 2008.

In 2004 she founded GB2K Arts & Theater Mentoring Program, Inc. after doing research and finding out that there were 8 year old girls, were having abortions. And 10 year old boys going to jail for up to 20 years for a petty crime or a crime they did not commit. Since the organization was foundered, they have serviced over 100K student and community members by providing private field trips, community events, after school programs, and partnering with other organizations in the community.  GB2K is currently pushing their “Your Pain Matters” Awareness Campaign, promoting Suicide Awareness, Sickle Cell Drug Administration, and Domestic Violence.

also support Business Solutions and Work Solutions(work from home jobs), an Stress Relief Management with her private Massage Therapy Consultation.
Tracy Brooks, is not just a mother, but a mentor (life-coach)to those who seek her for inspiration, motivation, and empowering confirmations, to help get them to their next level in life, work, or business.  Tracy is also owner of a logistics/dispstching company that operate and lease on owner operators to move non-hazardous household freight in USA.

In conclusion, Tracy is a honorary Commander for the Texas Navy since 2018, she is also a proud founding member of the Admiral Ellison Task Force 5:  Five non-profits with one common goal, to support, educate, and raise funds for each organizations individual and collective mission. And serve as a committee member on the Harambee Steering Committee in Dallas, TX, speaking to organizations and schools, creating opportunities for you with the "GAP" Goalgetters Affiliate Program, that God downloaded to her in order to help those under age, who desire to create an income by doing something they already do, post online.